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Upcoming events

    • 02 Aug 2024
    • 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
    • 4131 Campus Dr, College Park, MD 20742 (UMD-College Park; ESJ Building, Room 1215)

    The Maryland Association for Institutional Research is excited to announce our 2024 Summer Workshop! 

    MdAIR is excited to Announce the 2nd Annual Summer Enrichment Series!

    This year's event will take place on:

    Date:  August 2, 2024

    Time: 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

    Location: University of Maryland - College Park

    Breakfast will be served from 8:30 until the start of the event. The college is located at 4131 Campus Dr, College Park, MD 20742. We will be in the Edward St. John Learning and Teaching Center (ESJ) in Lecture Room 1215You can view ESJ on the interactive UMD campus map here:
    Please enter "226" in the search bar on the map. The closest visitor parking garages are Union Lane Garage and the Regents Drive Garage.

    Walking directions from Union Lane garage.

    Walking directions from Regents Drive garage.

    Our workshop will be centered around the book: You Are A Data Person (ISBN-10: 1642671371; ISBN-13: 978-1642671377)

    "Internal and external pressure continues to mount for college professionals to provide evidence of successful activities, programs, and services, which means that, going forward, nearly every campus professional will need to approach their work with a data-informed perspective. But you find yourself thinking “I am not a data person”. Yes, you are. Or can be with the help of Amelia Parnell. You Are a Data Person provides context for the levels at which you are currently comfortable using data, helps you identify both the areas where you should strengthen your knowledge and where you can use this knowledge in your particular university role. For example, the rising cost to deliver high-quality programs and services to students has pushed many institutions to reallocate resources to find efficiencies. Also, more institutions are intentionally connecting classroom and cocurricular learning experiences which, in some instances, requires an increased gathering of evidence that students have acquired certain skills and competencies. In addition to programs, services, and pedagogy, professionals are constantly monitoring the rates at which students are entering, remaining enrolled in, and leaving the institution, as those movements impact the institution’s financial position. From teaching professors to student affairs personnel and beyond, Parnell offers tangible examples of how professionals can make data contributions at their current and future knowledge level, and will even inspire readers to take the initiative to engage in data projects. The book includes a set of self-assessment questions and a companion set of action steps and available resources to help readers accept their identity as a data person. It also includes an annotated list of at least 20 indicators that any higher education professional can examine without sophisticated data analyses."

    While purchasing and reading the book is not required for participating in the workshop and discussion, MdAIR highly encourages registrants to obtain a copy the book personally or through your office. You may have access to the book through your local public library and/or institutional library. The book is currently listed on Amazon for ~$35. 

    The current proposed schedule for the event is below. Please note that the schedule is subject to change.

     8:30 AM   Registration Open and Breakfast Served
     9:00 AM  Welcome and Introductions
     9:05 AM  Part 1: Presentation of Current Trends
     9:50 AM  Part 1A: Group Discussion of Current Trends
     10:20 AM  Break
     10:30 AM  Part 2: Overview of the Book
     11:00 AM  Part 2A: Discussion of Emerging Topics Since the Book Release
     11:30 AM  Part 3: Ask Anything Session
     12:15 PM  Closing Remarks and Raffle 

    We are honored to have Dr. Amelia Parnell, the book's author and the current Vice President for Policy Research and Advocacy at the National Association of Students Affairs Professionals (NASPA), to serve as our facilitator for this workshop.  Dr. Parnell comes to this workshop with experience in Institutional Research, and working with data professionals to better understand data and how to use it. 

    This event is open to anyone who is interested in attending, but pre-registration is required. Please feel free to share this with any colleagues that you think might be interested. 

    A list of registrants will be published in the event materials.

    As with all Maryland AIR events, this event is FREE for current members. For non-members, the event is $25 for fees associated with the cost of the event. Current students (not currently employed full-time at an institution) may attend for a reduced rate.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to and a member of the Board will be happy to assist you with any comments or concerns that you might have. 

    We look forward to seeing all of you at the
    2nd Annual Summer Enrichment Series! 

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