Maryland 2022 Legislative Session Updates

Sara Fidler, President
Maryland Independent College and University Association (MICUA)

Brad Phillips, Ed.D., Executive Director
Maryland Association of Community Colleges (MACC)

Barbara Schmertz, Ph.D., Director, Research and Policy Analysis
Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC)

Demographics: Telling Your Community's Story 
Greg Works, Director for Institutional Effectiveness
Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Harford Community College

When Less is Less: The New Normal after the Great Resignation
A Roundtable Session with
Shari Jurik, Senior Research Analyst
Julia Conte, Research Analyst
Nancy Waressen, Research Analyst
Prince George’s Community College

[Join us for Lunch Hour Networking Breakout Rooms]

A Simple Model for Projecting Enrollment Post-COVID
Jeffrey Simmons, Director of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectives
Mount St. Mary’s University

Challenges of transitioning from community college to a remote 4-year university role
Taslima Akhtar, Research & Assessment Data Analyst
Office of Institutional Research
Loyola University-Maryland

Strategic Planning
A Panel Session with

Tracey D. Frey, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Academic Assessment
Loyola University, Maryland

Patrick Keller, Director of Planning
Community College of Baltimore County

Antionette Marbray, Vice President for Legal Affairs, State and Federal Relations and Strategic Planning
Stevenson University

Gregory C. Spengler, Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
University of Maryland, Baltimore

RECORDING NOTICE: Please be advised all sessions on Friday, April 29 will be recorded using Zoom's conference recording feature. The point at which recording begins will be announced at the beginning of the session, and you can observe the red light at the top of your screen confirming recording is in progress. Recordings will be made available to MdAIR membership via the Members pages.

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